Terms & Conditions

It depends on you whether you buy or not buy medicines from our site and request you must go through our terms and condition page once.

Ivermectinaustraliabuy doesn’t even promise that the medicines you buy from us will treat your disorders.

For this reason, consumers should contact a physician or even a doctor and use such medicines after they are prescribed then they can purchase the medicines.

We are not even responsible you will get the results after taking the medicines.

Our price has been mentioned so, that can be changed or modified according to many offers, discounts on our stock, and the existing market cost of medicines.

The product details are given on our site which is used only if they are recommended to use and we don’t even give any suggestion or recommendation for drug intake until doctors say anything.

The images given on the product description page are only for your knowledge and information as well as for reference only.

At our portal, we even can cancel your product if we are running for any emergency reason.

For this thing, we notify you through email but the customers are not answerable in any way.

We have the right to transform the costs but that will be always coming within the right market costs or the maximum retail costs which are mentioned by the manufacturer.

People cannot even charge us for any modification or extreme changes in the rates. We don’t convince our customers to register for our specified schemes and plans.

It depends on the customers whether you select enough discounts or not. Our privilege discounts are only available for members.

You do not provide your email ID while purchasing medicines on our site. However, this can assist to obtain up-to-date notifications about the newest offers and discounts.

Use of medicines purchased from our portal

We don’t even validate the advantages of taking any medication from our site.

With the help of our site, we don’t give any kind of recommendation or branding of medicines of any company.

But we only work as a seller from the place you can purchase or not.

We even as don’t promise that the patient will surely get rid of any particular diseases by taking medicines purchased from our site.

You can see a million top brands of medicines and each brand of medicines has different instructions for consumption and different strengths of the generic component.

The doctors will prescribe you the medicines and dosages which are mentioned and available on our site.

Safety policies at our portal

We are 100% committed to giving a stringent and secure online payment site for our customers.

All the information that you share throughout purchasing medicines besides your payment details is used for any kind of marketing reasons or excessive selling of data.

You’re all private information while purchasing drugs or medicines like your name, email, and contact number address is secure on our digital lockers in our data servers. 

These servers are implemented with proper security to make your data safe and secure. 

Once we obtain your payment at our end-all all information will be removed immediately and we don’t keep your payment details without your consent.

Delivery package to your home

Once the order is confirmed or done so, it is a great liability by our logistic team to deliver your product on time to your doorstep.

For any reason even as, the consignee relocated, or even as the consignee’s unnoticeable or unfounded address your product will be canceled and it will be returned to our logistical company.

In that particular case, there will be no refund money will be given unless the customer informs us about this matter and give you and correct shipping addresses.

Keep in mind; with the help of the next delivery, you are also legally responsible to disburse the shipping and courier payout.

During emergency reasons like too poor climate conditions and a problem with our logistical and delivery process, the products can be delayed to reach.

You need to tolerate us and we are not liable for it.

Customs delay

  • From time to time your product might be suspended at the customs branch at particular local ports and airports. 
  • We are not responsible for any delay that happens because of such situations.
  • The payout for customs duty is implied by the power of the custom, as we are also answerable to be compensated by the customer.

Cost policy

  • The costs you find on our site won’t be impacted by us.
  • The entire offers and discounts are all implemented by our management team.
  • There are no bargaining options for medicines on our site.
  • The offers and discounts set on rates are the maximum drops that you can go for purchasing medicines.

Cancellation policy

  • Once your items are packed and ready to ship so, cancelation will be done within 7 days of the delivery of the package.
  • In that particular case, once the seal is broken or you have already used that item that won’t be returned or even canceled.  
  • As we are not responsible for this anyhow.
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