Return and Refund Policy

Our customers, who will purchase the medicines, are asked to go through our returns and refund policy first. However, this process will provide them with an overall idea about our refund policies that we have explained on our portal finally. This process helps to clear our doubts and confusion for customers. 

Here is all the step-by-step information is given:

Your order confirmation

Once your order is final and confirmed before making your payment for a product then you will receive a mail from us which will be for your confirmation details that comprise the entire specifications of the drugs and costs.

Even after this process, you are allowed for making payments online. Once you have ordered medicines successfully then you can obtain a final acceptance confirmation mail from us and also receive the excepted time for delivery of the package.

In case we cannot confirm your order or because of any emergency so, we will also give the same statement from our side to your mail.

Confirming your delivery of the product

Once the items are ordered after that payment is done then you are allowed for checking and tracking your order on our site. Even though, we will send you an email confirmation while making your shipment ready to reach your place.

It takes around 48 hours to make your product ready to deliver just after you’re placing an order and making payment online.

After doing the payment process, we will send you an invoice for the products like bill details and bill number; we will also allow tracking of your consignment while in our logistic system. All belongings will be done step by step.

If you face any trouble with the delivery of our products or anything so, you can call us on our helpline number.

We deliver your item to your place where you have mentioned the address. In a mid-time, once your order is done then don’t change your location although, they might be problematic for you, and in such cases, the products are sometimes not delivered.

Know the customs

Ivermectinaustraliabuy offers and delivers products all over the world. Hence, if you are from an international native and ordered your medicines so, you have to be patiently waited for delivering products at your doorstep. As your package reaches the airport or the port so, it will be done with a custom check and this leads to a delay in delivery.

We are not responsible for the delay and it is not in our hands. Generally, as custom checking is over so, your product will be delivered to your local courier office from the place the local shipping process starts.

Keep in mind that customs checking can take some days or weeks you have to wait until the time.

Time for you to obtain the package

Usually, the people within territorial areas and local destinations, our items will be shipped just within a few days. However, you may have to face delays because of sudden unexpected situations like custom check hold-ups, any natural calamity, unpleasant climate conditions, lockdowns in any region, etc.  

Generally, it takes more than 15 to 20 working days to make the final order from our site.

Remember customs checking can delay. It is the responsibility of the customer to track their consignment or give us a call when the product is undelivered on its expected.

Reshipping lost orders

We hardly experience such situations but we cannot say what may happen at what time. We will usually re-deliver all your packages as well as also do refund our customers if your items are lost or damaged in our logistic entity.

We accept the complete loss for the customer excluding the taxes and customs duty charges. In such situations, if the customers have not obtained their packages after 21 days at so, the customer should call our customer care executive department.

Generally, we will re-deliver our product to the customer or dispatch the shipment once we are free from our hustle-bustle.

We even do not return or reship your products if you inform us and have not procured your package after 8 weeks.

Return and refunding policy

In any severe cases, if the delivered order obtained by the customer is lost or even as damages or the seal is broken then customers need to inform us within 7 days of obtaining the consignment.

If you inform us of a refund order or return the product within 7 days then we will make things ready for the reshipment and pickup of the broken package after confirming the whole thing.

We don’t accept refund and return policy after 7 days of obtaining the package.

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