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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy for medicines is mentioned on our portal so, that you can visit us anytime and we aim to provide safety to our consumers while making successful online transactions.

We request all our visitors and buyers go through our well-defined privacy policy before buying medicine from our site.

However, we remind our customers that while the final payment transaction they should accept our privacy policy terms at the same time given on our portal.

Policy for sharing and gathering of online information of our customers

We have set a very rigorous privacy policy system for our consumers for sharing as well as gathering all confidential details and information.

On the other hand, the information we take from the consumers or buyers incorporates their all personal details like name, age, contact number, email id, and home or office address which are taken only for no other reasons except official purposes.

All of the confidential and personal information that we take including debit or credit card details, and OTPs, are protected on our servers that allow purchasing procedures for our consumers.

We are not involved illegally in anything like allocating your information with any team or entity member to any third party like retailers and wholesalers.

Everything is implemented to give people very efficient and smooth customer service to our consumers.

We have made this process easier for the customers that assisting them to collect information when they purchase a specific type of medication while making payment or even as an investigation process.

Furthermore, this process can save them enough time and they do not need to share their information always just we take this information one time only while buying medicines from our site.

Customers can visit our portal and sign up with our site anytime they want. It is even not compulsory to register on our portal while purchasing our medicines.

Signing us for our newsletter

We even take your email id for sharing our notification of the weekly newsletter with you.

Thus, you will get the awareness of all our newest emerging brands of medicines which are all available easily which you have been waiting for a longer time.

It is not compulsory to register with our newsletter but if you do this so, it will help customers to know about our latest medicines, discounts, and offers.

We give all our news related to many exclusive offers on various types of medications.

We also share our all newest offers and arrivals, offer cut-rate of brands, and share weekly, monthly, and daily offers with the help of our newsletter.

You will get notifications when the medicines will be in stock. We do not use your email ids for any other reasons like spam emails.

We ask our customers to go through their spam folders if they find any suspicious emails from strange resources.

When your payment transactions are done online then you we will send you an online e-receipt via email.

Accepting the cookie policy on our site

Our cookies are finally done on our site which can assist customers to purchase and check out the procedure for our consumers. People can move to our portal and accept the terms and conditions of our cookie policy.

By accepting a payment transaction on our site you must have to agree with our online cookie policy to stockpile some of the essential information that also comes with the easiest and fastest process of browsing on our online site.

Making payment transactions on our portal

Our online transactions take place over a speedy and smooth online payment site that can be secured with the help of SSL access for the speediest processing and confirming the end recipient for the payment transactions.

Whenever you buy medicines from our portal so, we will send you an OTP for verification of both your phone number and email id.

Refund and cancellation policy

You can cancel your ordered medicines from our portal. But cancellation time is given for 7 days regardless of whether you are residing locally or internationally.

We don’t even authenticate the cancellations completed after 7 days when you ordered your medicine. You may request for exchange of products.

This process will be made by our team of representatives who will authenticate the product and then replace it.

When it comes to refunds, we only give refunds directly to your account and don’t provide cash amounts.

Sharing your reviews

If you want to, you can share your experiences with us.

This comprises your point of view and your reviews of what you exactly felt after using the medicines.

People can share their opinions and reviews on the payment and also do the entire checkout procedure.

We give you the confidence to share your experiences with us bit is not mandatory just it is your wish.