Cancellation Policy

Our portal has a well-defined cancellation policy that facilitates the customer to cancel their order or product by following some vital cancellation conditions. We persuade the customer to visit our cancellation guidelines to ensure they must know the terms of cancellation.

However, we never ask you to cancel the items which you have ordered as we have a good reputation in the market.

There are some vital reasons or some emergency issues due to that reasons you may have to cancel your product.

How to cancel orders on our portal?

The cancellation policy given on-site is very clear-cut and straightforward that can be canceled easily online. If you are unable to cancel your product so, you may give us a call on our customer care number and cancel the package. Keep in mind you need to give a reason for your cancellation.

Once you cancel your package so, you have to accept the terms and conditions of our cancellation procedure you will get an invoice bill for cancellation from our end.

How do we refund our cancellation orders and requests?

At first, once getting a cancellation order, we start tracking the entire process whether they meet our cancellation terms or not. We also check out the order quantity and also make calls to our transit and logistic group to set up the shipment.

When it comes to refunding terms so, we don’t even make any refunds with drafts or cash. We only transfer your refunds to your active account within a week. Hence, the customers need to give their bank details and all other important information for us to proceed with the payment.

If your money is not credited to your account after seven days so, we are not liable for this situation, kindly contact your bank.

Furthermore, you should wait for a maximum of 7 working days from the day you have to cancel your order on our site.

In addition, we are also not accountable if the money is not refunded within 7 working days. Contact your local bank branches for this matter.

What is not refunded back?

Under any circumstances, we refund your customs duty and taxes, and other charges that are imposed by the government as taxation charges in your country or region. We are not answerable for this anymore.

In what situation does the cancellation policy work?

As you get to know the above statement it is most crucial to know the scenarios where you can cancel your packages.

Cancellation because of product is not in a stock

When your order is canceled from our side, this is one of the main reasons to cancel your product when we have it out of stock.

At our site, we always strive and value your order by giving you partial orders if that comes within our potential and if the medicine is out of stock.

Cancellation of order because of non-payment

Sometimes we have to cancel your package when you don’t pay for our product at our portal. When you finalize your item so, at that time we send you an email. After that process, we will send you a total invoice bill which is a final verification bill after getting all your orders.

Customers will likely go through an online portal and then make payments with several online modes.

If you don’t pay for the product you ordered then your order will be canceled within 24 hours automatically.

Cancellation because of delay in order delivery

Sometimes the customer feels the delivery time is delayed and they are unsatisfied with our logistic transit and their time management.

At that time, you can cancel your product. But the thing is that it is not possible to refund you with full amount and some charges are cut like customs duty if your item has moved to a custom department.

Cancellation because of wrong product delivery

We are responsible if you have got any wrong and damaged products from our portal.  

Keep in mind that after you have obtained your product and then after checking if you found anything wrong with the product like a broken seal, or damaged item so, you can either return or cancel your package at the same time. The time limit is given only for 7 days when you can come to us and cancel your product as well as lead the cancellation request. You have 7 days for refund and cancelation.

Cancellation because of tampered product

If you have received the tampered package so, in such case you can give us call us and inform us by canceling your package and making the refund, and the same time is given for 7 days.

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